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A racing game

built on

EOS blockchain

EOS Racing is a game platform that grows with users' participation. Users can enjoy the race and get rewards. EOS account is required to play the game, and all in-game actions are executed through smart contract.

If you play the game now, we will get a free racing car.

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and reliable

game economy

Game items are not sold by the game company. Only users create the items, and trade them on the market. The game ecosystem will grow as more users are participating in creating and trading items.

A EOS competition

with free entrance

Various competitions are held with their own rewards. Users can participate in the competitions comsuming racing cars' fuel. The winner will get EOS, car pieces, or fuel as a reward. Users can verify the result of each competition transparently, and can report fraudulent activities.

Growing reward

with pool the

game ecosystem

To support a sustainable game ecosystem, 30% of market trading volume will be charged. 20% of the fee is for the accumulation of the reward pool. Remaining 10% is dedicated for the game development. External sponsorship will be fully deployed to the reward pool to promote the growth of the ecosystem.


blockchain game

Blockchain game also has to be fun like traditional games. EOS racing is a casual and enjoyable game. Play game and get rewards!

viewing replay images

Feel the speed and exhilarating gameplay with EOS racing.